Tanalian Bible Camp

Tanalian Bible Camp has been a staple in the rural Alaskan community since 1963. It’s a place where people come together to grow spiritually and build up the body of Christ.

The camp offers a variety of activities for every season, from Bible study groups and campfires in the spring to outdoor games and hikes in the fall.

With its commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment, it is the perfect spot to “take a break from the everyday and find peace”.

Overview of Tanalian Bible Camps

Tanalian Bible Camp provides many benefits for the Body of Christ, such as evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, and leadership development.

Summer is the busiest time of year, with up to 140 guests taking advantage of the many opportunities for spiritual growth and renewal.

In the spring, you’ll find a vibrant atmosphere of fellowship, where attendees can connect with God and with each other.

During the winter, the camp provides a warm and inviting spiritual development and growth atmosphere.

Finally, in the fall, there is still plenty of time to participate in outdoor activities and explore the beauty of Alaska.

Types of Camps

You can experience Camp in a variety of ways.

From Basketball Camp for high schoolers to Junior High and Junior for younger campers. Primary one is also available for an even younger age group.

No matter which experience you choose, you are sure to have an amazing time and learn about the love of Jesus in an exciting and engaging way.

Tanalian Basketball Camp

Tanalian Bible Camp Alaska

Here, basketball campers can hone their skills and have fun while being challenged to grow spiritually.

Through drills and conditioning, they can learn the fundamentals and improve their game.

Campers can also take part in chapel daily and be inspired by Biblical truths.

This place provides a positive environment to foster friendships and build up the Body of Christ.

High School

You will have the opportunity to engage in service projects that will help strengthen your faith in God while building community with your peers.

They will also have the chance to build meaningful relationships with their mentors and fellow campers.

With their newfound knowledge, they will be able to take their faith beyond the camp and use it to become more confident and successful individuals.

Junior High

There are two weeks of camp specifically designed for junior high-age kids.

During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities, like screaming and being towed on the Super Mabel, participating in Team Olympic Games, and attending chapel.

Make new friends and strengthen existing ones with friendship-building activities in a safe and welcoming environment.

Plus, with all the time spent outdoors, you’ll get to explore the beauty of Alaska.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to grow your faith and skills with your peers at Tanalian Bible Camp in Alaska!

Junior Camps

Are you ready for an unforgettable summer experience?

We have a variety of activities that you won’t want to miss, like jumping off the dock, singing in chapel, learning about God, trying out new activities, and making friends.

Our chapel activities are always a hit, with creative games, fun stories, singing, and learning about Biblical truths.

Don’t miss out on this week of maximum fun! We have something for everyone and you’ll love all the activities we have in store.

Primary Camp

At Primary Camp, your kids will have a blast as they explore God’s truths through creative games, fun stories, singing, and more!

Our Activity Schedule is jam-packed with exciting events for your kid to enjoy, similar to Victory Camp or Solid Rock.

From morning devotions to afternoon hikes, each day is filled with activities that will teach your child valuable life lessons.

We also incorporate bible study, team-building exercises, and arts and crafts into our schedule.

And of course, we also provide plenty of time for play and relaxation. Our staff will ensure that each one will get the best experience possible.

You can rest assured that your child is in good hands here at this Campsite.

Men’s Leadership Raft Camp

Experience the thrill of a multi-day rafting trip while deepening your understanding of Biblical manhood and prayer.

Tanalian Christian Summer Camp offers a unique opportunity for men to explore leadership development in a remote setting.

Participants are flown out by floatplane to a remote location, where they will spend days of fishing and camping in the Alaskan wilderness.

In between outdoor activities, they will spend time in God’s Word, engaging in conversations about Biblical manhood and prayer.

With a small group of nine, this is an amazing chance to challenge yourself spiritually and physically. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity!

Teen Pursuit

Head out on an exciting adventure with Teen Pursuit and challenge yourself to grow in every area of life!

You’ll enjoy a three-day remote camping trip that is sure to be full of memories that will last a lifetime.

Spend your days exploring the beautiful scenery, gathering around the bonfire, and participating in activities that will inspire you to become a better leader.

With a relaxed schedule, you’ll be able to take in the breathtaking views without feeling rushed.

At Teen Pursuit, you’ll build lasting relationships and become equipped to lead in your own life.

History of Tanalian Christian Summer Camps

Since 1963, Tanalian Bible Camp has been providing Christians from rural Alaska with evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, and leadership development through its summer, spring, winter, and fall campsites.

Founded by families eager to support and encourage each other in their faith, the camp has since grown into a thriving place that serves 400 youth annually.

The founder’s vision of providing spiritual and vocational support to Alaskan Natives continues to be realized through its Tanalian Leadership Center.

Today, Camp provides a safe and welcoming environment for guests of all ages to grow in their faith and develop leadership skills.