About Us

Welcome to Faith3, your source for trustworthy, supportive, and up-to-date information about the biblical and other religious topics that are important to you.

We know that understanding our society requires a solid foundation of knowledge of different religions.


Our articles on biblical meanings, prayers, and spiritual texts provide reliable and unbiased coverage of the world’s most important beliefs.

However, it is difficult to discuss religion and spirituality because they are so personal.

Religion can be a source of comfort in difficult times and a way to find meaning in an otherwise meaningless world.

It helps us understand our place in life and gives us rules to live by – whether they come from God or just our own conscience.

Spirituality on the other hand refers to an inner feeling or connection with something bigger than ourselves.

It gives us strength when we feel like giving up on life or when we need someone who understands us more than anyone else in this world could ever do so before!

What is Faith3’s Mission?

Our mission at Faits is to provide the best and most authentic content about religions, spiritualities, and philosophies.

We want to help people learn about different religions in an unbiased way.

We do this by publishing high-quality articles that are easy to read, informative, engaging, and respectful.

Who We Are?

Jim King

Jim King - Pastor

Jim King is a pastor and Christian writer who has been serving in the ministry for more than 20 years.

In July 2002, he received a biblical studies degree.

After graduation, he moved to the city of Zalec and worked for a number of years as a pastor and youth pastor in several churches in the area.

He has written several books on the subject of Christian living and faith.

His work was published in several Christian magazines and sites, including Christ News, and others.

Here you can see my work on Faith3: https://www.faith3.org/author/jimking/

Anna Brown

Anna Brown - Editor and Writer

Anna Brown is the editor of the Faith3 project.

She makes sure the articles are responsible, understandable, helpful, and up-to-date. 

Her background is in writing and editing for both non-profit and for-profit businesses.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, she has a strong understanding of what it takes to produce quality content.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of North Carolina.

Editorial Process

Our editorial process centers on making sure you actually understand what you’re reading and know how to use the information to make confident choices.

the goal is to make our content easy to understand and actionable. We do this through a number of processes, including:

  • We write in plain language that is easy for you to understand.
  • We use examples from real-life situations to illustrate how the content applies in different scenarios.
  • We include links to other resources that can help you learn more about the topic or take action.

Quality Standards

In addition to Jim and Anna, we also have a team of editors and writers who review all content before it is published.

They ensure that every post is authentic, informative, and follows our editorial standards and criteria.

The same review procedure applies to all videos, images, and additional content that we may provide.