Victory Bible Camp

Victory Bible Camp is a hidden gem nestled in the Talkeetna Mountains, just 95 miles northeast of Anchorage.

Operated by Victory Ministries of Alaska, this camp is dedicated to evangelizing and disciplining children and youth in Alaska and welcomes thousands of visitors each year from across Alaska and beyond.

Here, guests find a peaceful getaway to explore, learn, and grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

Overview of Victory Bible Camp in Alaska

Victory Church Camp provides a variety of overnight camps, outdoor adventure camps, and facilities that can accommodate up to 300 people.

Campers and guests alike can enjoy a wide range of activities, from 2nd grade through high school, in a stunning natural setting.

The campgrounds offer modern conveniences, giving campers an opportunity to reconnect with the important relationships in their lives.

Additionally, Victory makes its facilities available for group rentals from August through May. Groups looking for a place to host an overnight event should consider Victory’s Conference Center.

Victory Bible Camp

Winter Camp

Make the most of the cold weather and join us for a winter getaway! Their camps for kids aged 10-17 are designed to make sure everyone has a great time, and our parent and child retreats give families a chance to spend quality time together.

So don’t miss out on the fun – come back to the mountains for some winter fun.

Winter blitz

At IceScape, teens ages 10-12 can enjoy a winter weekend packed with fun activities. Winter sports such as tubing, and ice skating can be enjoyed, as well as other activities.

Campers will stay in heated cabins with a cabin leader and will have regular chapels and small group devotion times to encourage and challenge them spiritually.

Not only do campers get to enjoy winter sports, but they also get to experience Christian fellowship and build lifelong friendships.


Make the most of your winter weekend with IceScape! Their camp program is designed for teens between the ages of 13 and 17, and it’s the perfect way to make the most of the season.

Enjoy three days of exciting activities, with both outdoor and indoor merriment!

Mother-daughter Retreat

victory winter and summer camp

Come join us for an unforgettable weekend of connecting with God, other women, and your loved ones at this mother-daughter retreat!

Spend quality time with the person who holds the role of mother or daughter in your life and be spiritually encouraged and renewed.

This winter retreat offers plenty of activities for all to enjoy, such as tubing, skating, cross-country skiing, crafts, games, and a bonfire.

Plus, there will be a special dinner on Saturday evening, so dress your best!

Through this retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your mother-daughter bond and grow spiritually.

History of Victory Bible Camp

Founded in 1947, Victory Bible Camp in Alaska has been providing a place for people to come and experience God and be spiritually renewed for over 70 years.

Initially inspired by Alaskan missionaries John and Nadine Gillespie, the camp was developed with the purpose of helping people come to Christ and devote their lives to his Lordship.

In its early days, the camp was small, with just a handful of members and volunteers, but it quickly grew and expanded.

Now, Victory Bible Camp offers a variety of activities and events, including mother-daughter retreats, youth camps, and church group gatherings.

The camp is situated in a beautiful, mountainous setting, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and spiritual reflection.

It has become a beloved destination for many Alaskans, providing a place to encounter God and be spiritually renewed.