Ponderosa Bible Camp

Ponderosa Bible Camp and Conference Center is a non-profit Christian camp in northeast Alabama, established in 1947 and offering unforgettable adventures and spiritual growth for boys and girls of all ages.

Their mission is to help campers grow and experience Christ through exciting activities and teachings from the Bible.

Step into this summer paradise and set out on an unforgettable journey.

Overview of Ponderosa Bible Camp and Conference Center Alabama

The camp is surrounded by the picturesque Little River, offering a variety of outdoor activities and amenities for both youth and church groups.

During the summer, one-week sessions are available that can host up to 39 boys and 40 girls each week.

Electives include horseback riding, swimming, gym games, crafts, archery, and riflery.

Horseback riding is especially popular, providing campers with a unique experience that encourages physical and emotional growth.

Ponderosa Bible Camp

Swimming and rope swinging are favorites among campers, providing an exciting and refreshing experience that promotes physical fitness and coordination.

Gym activities like basketball, ping pong, and soccer offer campers opportunities for friendly competition and teamwork.

Craft time offers campers a chance to create personalized keepsakes and express their creativity.

Finally, archery and riflery electives teach focus, discipline, and precision while promoting safety and responsible use of equipment.

All activities promote safety and responsibility and leave campers with lasting memories and friendships.

Ponderosa Bible Camp offers an unforgettable adventure and opportunity for spiritual growth.

Gospel Sharing and Impact

Dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Christ, Ponderosa Christian Camp provides a nurturing and supportive environment for campers to explore and deepen their faith.

Emphasizing the importance of the Bible and its authority for faith and conduct, campers have the opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.

The main benefits:

  1. A safe and inclusive community
  2. A unique blend of adventure, fun, and faith-based teachings
  3. A nurturing and supportive environment for spiritual enlightenment
  4. Lifelong friendships and connections.

History of Ponderosa Bible Camp

Ponderosa retreat and conference center

Here’s a short history of Ponderosa Christian Summer Camp in Alabama:

  1. The original camp was built in the mid-1960s with rustic western cedar lumber.
  2. CBM Ministries purchased the 80-acre property in 1976, complete with 6 cabins, a dining hall and kitchen, two small guest cabins, and a craft building.
  3. In 1986, a swimming pool and multi-purpose gymnasium were added.
  4. Jeff Nelson, an early camper, became the Director in 1999.

Since its inception, Camp has been committed to serving the community and inspiring faith in young individuals.

It has a strong reputation in the area and has made a lasting impact on countless campers, with many of them testifying to the positive changes it has brought to their lives.

With its beautiful setting, inspiring mission, and meaningful teachings, this camp has become a place where faith is nurtured, hope is restored, and lives are changed.

Through its ministry, it continues to make a difference in many lives, demonstrating the power of God’s love and grace.

And while it has come a long way, Ponderosa Bible Camp is still just getting started, believing that the best is yet to come!

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