Spiritual Meaning of Birds in the Bible

spiritual meaning of birds in the bible

The Bible is filled with rich symbolism that helps to better describe spiritual truth by comparing it to familiar earthly settings.

In many cultures, the spiritual meaning of birds in the Bible is regarded as connectors between the divine realm and life on Earth.

If we are open, they can bring us messages, warn us, motivate us, calm us, and guide us on our spiritual path.

This article will help you understand the tradition and spiritual interpretations related to their presence.

What Do Birds Symbolize in the Bible?

In this discussion, I aim to shed light on the fundamental origins of Christian symbolism that have a direct correlation with the spiritual meaning of birds in the bible.

The Bible holds a vital position in this matter, together with other relevant sources such as apocryphal texts, biblical exegesis, theological writings, mysticism, religious literature, and liturgical practices.

In ancient Christian art, Christ, the central figure of the Christian religion and the focus of rich Christian symbolism, did not have a specific image.

Instead, Christ was depicted symbolically through graphic symbols like the cross and Christ’s monogram, isomorphic symbols such as the grapevine, and animal symbols like the lamb, fish, and lion.

It is said that during this time, new symbols, including those featuring birds, were added to the rich tapestry of Christian symbolism.

As a spiritual coach, I find great inspiration in these symbols and their ability to uplift the human spirit.

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Angels and the Presence of the Souls

As your spiritual coach, I would like to share with you some wisdom about the presence of angels in our lives.

In the book, “Angel Messages: The Oracle of Birds”, Claire Nhmad reveals that angels can easily connect with us through the singing of birds.

Next time you go out into nature, or even just open a window, listen attentively to the bird song and you may receive a special message or memory from someone.

Birds as Spiritual Guides in Bible

Andrea Wansbury explains in her book Birds: Divine Messengers how the souls of dying people connect with birds in their last hours.

When a person dies, their soul can remain near us for some time, which is why we often see birds at funerals.

The departing souls symbolically communicate to us through birds that they are ascending and flying freely into the vastness of the afterlife.

Messages From the Heavens

God has a history of sending messages to His people.

Birds in the Bible are believed to be symbols of spiritual messages that connect heaven and earth.

Although the biblical meaning of birds encourages feelings of life, renewal, communication, and hope in people.

messages from heavens

The tradition surrounding the birds from the holy book is rich and respected in history, indicating the intersection of the physical and spiritual worlds.

You are not alone if you contemplate and reflect on a message from beyond when you see one of the birds from the Bible.

Delia Steiberg Guzman: Today I saw

We also carry the fiery bird within ourselves, which can rise higher and show us how insignificant our worries are. Within the soul are the sky, sun, moon, and stars, a gentle night that is never entirely black and announces the light of a new dawn as soon as we learn to spread our wings.

Romantic Beliefs

Ornithologists who study the behavior and physiology of birds and their habitats have observed that when a cardinal finds a mate, they usually stay together for life.

Their stable relationship is characterized by love and romantic passion in many cultures.

Some Native American tribes believe that if an unmarried individual spots a cardinal, it means that they will soon begin a new romantic relationship.

Connection With Ancestors

Some believe that cardinals are messengers of the spirits of the dead. As such, the cardinal has a strong connection to its ancestors.

Its appearance promotes the importance of maintaining family ties. Some cultures embrace the cardinal as a totem animal.

In the difficult winter months, the cardinal does not migrate but instead stays in its habitat.

A Revitalization of Mythology

For some, the cardinal’s redness and the appearance of the phoenix in Greek mythology are intriguingly connected.

Myths from the Alexandrian region of Egypt carried their own traditions of a phoenix-like bird, similar to the cardinal.

They symbolize the energy and rebirth of the phoenix.

People use these principles as a sign that an individual will rise from the fire of restlessness and troubles, and become strong and victorious.

Native American Shamans Perceive Birds as Divine Forces

In their rituals, shamans use birds as messengers of cosmic power and channel messages from higher dimensions through them.

Birds were also often used to check a person’s energy.

Pay closer attention to birds and let them inspire you to fulfill your potential on your path.

The Prophetic Meaning of Birds

prophetic meaning of birds

Birds have been considered prophetic messengers for centuries due to their ability to fly and traverse different realms.

In many cultures, the spiritual meaning of birds in the bible is believed to carry significant meaning or serve as a sign from the divine.

The interpretation of these messages often depends on the specific bird species, its color, and the context of the sighting or interaction.

The interpretations I have explained above, when thoughtfully applied, can provide clarity to our lives and assist us on our spiritual journeys.

White Dove

In Christianity, the white dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. In the biblical story, after the universal flood, Noah sent a dove from his ark to find land.

When it returned, it carried an olive branch in its beak, which meant it had found land.

When worn-out forms perish, the spirit remains, bringing peace after a difficult period and allowing life to continue with a new beginning.

The dove with an olive branch has thus become a symbol of peace.

Red Cardinal

Although it is commonly believed that the presence of a red cardinal represents God or His messenger, the word “cardinal” is not specifically used in the Bible.

Cardinals are not native to the Mediterranean, which is the setting for most of the books in the Holy Scriptures.

Although there is disagreement about the exact origin of the word, tradition states that the first people in Rome to be called cardinals were deacons from the seven regional churches.

This usage linked these church leaders with the connotation of the word “principal” or “superior.”

The Blood of Christ

The red color of the cardinal was associated with the vivid blood of Christ. Cardinals were seen as a symbol of vitality.

In the Christian context, Christ’s blood is the heart of his message, and vitality is eternal.

(Ephesians 1:7 GNT)

“In Christ we are set free by the blood of his death, and so we have forgiveness of sins”


The sparrow teaches us the value of our voice and communication, as well as self-respect and dignity.

It represents joy, protection, simplicity, creativity, inclusion, collaboration, community, satisfaction, kindness, and productivity through hard work and self-worth.

The significance of seeing a sparrow can convey one or more of the following:

  • It’s time to “sing your song” with all your self-respect, everywhere, and in everything you do, and let people feel these qualities in you.
  • Collaborate more with others, both at home and at work (teamwork and collaboration).
  • Enjoy the little things and simplicity on your journey, as they are important.
  • Your heart chakra is opening more and more, ready to receive and give love.
  • Be more proud of yourself and your work/achievements because you are worthy.
  • Love yourself more.


The Holy Bible frequently mentions the eagle, and its stunning silhouette is a characteristic of the Promised Land.

(Job 39:27-29)

The eagle from its nest high on the cliff “looks for food; its eyes see from far away

According to reports, its vision is so sharp that it can spot a rabbit from a distance of one kilometer.

The observation of an eagle can signify a multitude of things, such as:

  • The importance of remaining alert to new prospects is similar to how the eagle intently observes its prey from a great height.
  • Stay grounded and connected to your roots, like the eagle, while soaring towards your aspirations.
  • Do not hesitate to step outside your comfort zone and explore new horizons.

Does God Send Birds As Signs?

Without a doubt, God used animals and birds as signs of His presence or to convey His message in the Bible.

Through eagles, doves, sparrows, ravens, and other birds, God demonstrated His love and care for humanity, especially for the Israelites.

Here are some examples:

In Genesis 8:11

‘And the dove returned to him in the evening.’

Psalm 50:11

‘I know all the birds of the hills.’

Isaiah 40:31

‘They who wait for the Lord… shall mount up with wings like eagles.’

Luke 12:24

‘Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap.’

Matthew 10:16

‘Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.’

Matthew 23:37

‘How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings.’

As we navigate our life paths, it becomes apparent that God frequently uses the wonders of His creations to connect with us.

Through close observation and contemplation of the behaviors and traits of these animals, we can obtain invaluable perceptions of the divine nature of God and His boundless affection for us.

Birds in Scripture

The Bible portrays birds as a powerful symbol of our connection with the divine, and we can draw inspiration from this depiction.

By observing the behaviors and characteristics of these winged creatures, we can gain insight into our own relationship with God and learn valuable lessons

As spiritual coaches, we encourage our clients to embrace the symbolism of birds in Scripture and to use it as a tool for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

What is the most mentioned bird in the Bible?

Out of all the feathered creatures mentioned in the bible, the dove stands out as the most frequently cited one, appearing over 65 times!

What is the bird of Jesus?

Legend has it that as Jesus was bearing the cross up Calvary, a tiny goldfinch appeared and fluttered above his head. To everyone’s amazement, the bird gently plucked a thorn from his brow, offering him a moment of relief and mercy in his agony.

What animal represents Jesus in the Bible?

Long ago, the lamb held great religious significance in the Near East as a common sacrificial animal. Today, it represents the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ for humanity.


Exploring the spiritual meaning of birds in the Bible can be an enlightening and intriguing journey that uncovers a wealth of profound insights and symbolism.

Whether viewed as spiritual guides, messengers, or emblems of hope and regeneration, observing birds more closely can help you connect with the spiritual realm and realize your full potential on your journey.

The sacred traditions encircling birds from the holy book are honored and treasured, underscoring the convergence of the physical and spiritual worlds.