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Schools identified as Seminaries that Change the World: Class of 2016 are asked to nominate four students to be recognized with the New Faces of Ministry, Class of 2016. Additionally, denominational bodies and other organizations are invited to nominate individuals who are doing engaging, service and social justice-oriented ministries to be part of the program.

In years past, the New Faces of Ministry program sent students on extended tours around the country. On these tours, participants would visit summer camps, colleges, and youth corps to talk about opportunities available through theological education.  The goal of the program was (and remains) twofold: 1) to challenge stereotypes about the type of people who go to seminary (as it turns out, seminarians can be cool, interesting, engaging individuals) and 2) to share about the unique opportunities available to service-minded individuals through theological education.

This year, the New Faces of Ministry program has been changed to accommodate the busy schedules of seminarians, and to better meet the needs of students, seminaries, and sites. Instead of being required to go on tours, this year's New Faces of Ministry participants will still receive the day-long training and networking that students in previous years were able to participate in, but will be able to work more closely with their own school or denomination and The Center to determine if, when, and where they take speaking gigs. Ostensibly, this means that an individual's commitment to the project can require as much or as little time and energy as they chose to put into it.  

All New Faces of Ministry participants will have a profile about their ministry featured on the Center for Faith and Service website, and will be invited to contribute to things like our annual Advent Calendar, a Lenten devotional series, etc. New Faces that have gone through the training (either in person or online) will be eligible to speak at events coordinated through the Center. Some participants will chose to attend week-long conferences, others may only chose to preach, speak, or teach at one or two events throughout the year - again, it will be up to each individual and/or their school.

Student Leadership Training - Students nominated by participating institutions will be asked to attend one of the New Faces of Ministry Trainings that will be held in the spring. Additionally, those nominated as part of the New Faces of Ministry: Class of 2016 will work in conjunction with their own school’s admissions office to determine when and where each individual will visit.

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